Intersecting biodiversity and economic development

Biodiversity is the natural variety of species and ecosystem services that we – and our economies – all depend on. But leading international researchers are concluding that biodiversity is being lost at a rate that is unprecedented in human history. Our first guest is Professor Kai Chan, from the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. Kai is one of the coordinating lead authors of the IPBES Global Assessment Report and shares some of its key conclusions, and what the implications are for businesses – both in terms of their impacts on biodiversity, and their dependence on it.

Later, we’ll hear from Katie Leach from the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Center and Chris Hart, from Global Canopy. Katie and Chris discuss their collaboration on ENCORE, a tool which helps businesses and financial institutions understand their own dependencies on nature and how to look at natural capital risks.

In this episode:

  • What the biodiversity crisis means for businesses
  • The good and bad of biodiversity offsets
  • Natural capital accounting and risk
  • How to use ENCORE and give feedback

This episode's guest

Kai Chan
Kai Chan

This episode's hosts

David Sneyd
David Sneyd
Vice President, Analyst, Responsible Investment
Rebekah Church
Rebekah Church
Senior Advisor, Sustainability and Climate Change

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