Green Finance in China


China’s enormous growth and development in the last 25 years have presented significant challenges to environmental sustainability. Sustainable finance and the green bond market has emerged as a key pillar of China’s green strategy. There is an estimated $1 trillion annually needed to meet China’s environmental goals and government investment only covers about 15% of that amount. Private sector initiatives will be key to China’s environmental strategy and is driving innovation.

On this episode we’re joined by Deborah Lehr, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the Paulson Institute. Deborah advises Hank Paulson, Chairman of the Paulson Institute, on US-China relations and manages the institute’s green finance center. We are also joined by Dan Krieter, who you may remember from our first episode. Dan is a Director in the BMO Capital Markets Fixed Income Strategy Group. He has a special interest and focus on sustainable, fixed income investments and leads the group’s research in the green bonds space.

In this episode:

  • Sustainability in China
  • Green bonds and sustainable finance in the Chinese context


This episode's guest

Deborah M. Lehr
Deborah M. Lehr
Vice Chairman and Executive Director, Paulson Institute

This episode's host

Michael Torrance
Michael Torrance
Chief Sustainability Officer

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