The power of collaboration in ESG investing

Today we’re going to take an inside look at responsible investment, with our friends at BMO Global Asset Management in the UK. Our first guest is Sustainability Leaders host, David Sneyd, Vice President, Analyst, Responsible Investment at BMO GAM.  David talks about how a responsible investment team works, and how they engage with their investments. 

Later in the episode, David will host a conversation with James Coldwell from ShareAction, an NGO in the UK that collaborates with David’s team on a number of ESG issues including the Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) which promotes better labour standards through investment engagement. 

In this episode:

  • How BMO GAM looks at ESG issues 
  • Ways to engage with ESG including proxy voting, direct company communication, and more 
  • How Share Action engages with companies to promote its agenda and push progress on UN Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 10 

This episode's guest

James Coldwell
James Coldwell
Investor Engagement Manager, WDI, ShareAction

This episode's host

David Sneyd
David Sneyd
Vice President, Analyst, Responsible Investment

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