Responsible Investing – Industry Trends and Best Practices from Canada

The field of Responsible Investing is growing at a rapid pace, and to explore all of its implications we turned to two experts. They’ll give us an overview as well as dive into some of the interesting trends and best practices from Responsible Investing in Canada.

We’ll talk with Alison Schneider, the Director of Responsible Investing for AIMCo, or Alberta Investment Management Corporation. AIMCo is a Crown-Corporation that is responsible for the investments of 31 pension, endowment and government funds in Alberta. We’re also joined by Dustyn Lanz, CEO of the Responsible Investment Association in Canada.

  • The role that institutional investors play
  • How public perception is changing
  • Challenges that the responsible investing community faces
  • How AIMCo approaches responsible investing

This episode's hosts

Manju Seal
Manju Seal
Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory, BMO Capital Markets
Michael Torrance
Michael Torrance
Chief Sustainability Officer BMO Financial Group

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