Sustainability Leaders, presented by BMO

Sustainability is a rapidly evolving field driven by billions of dollars in global investment. In this podcast series, we introduce you to the innovative minds and diverse perspectives that are pushing the boundaries in good sustainability practice. With topics ranging from climate change to sustainable finance, and green bonds to human rights and responsible investing, we explore the world of corporate sustainability through interviews with corporate practitioners, investors, scholars and the NGO community.


Host: Michael Torrance

Michael Torrance

Chief Sustainability Officer BMO Financial Group
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Podcast host Manju Seal

Manju Seal

Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory, BMO Capital Markets
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David Sneyd, Host

David Sneyd

Vice President, Analyst, Responsible Investment
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Latest Episodes

One of world’s largest supranational issuer, with 189 member countries, the World Bank has “established ambitious, but achievable goals to galvanize international and national efforts to end extreme poverty globally within a generation and to promote shared prosperity.”    Our guest is Heike Reichelt, the Head of Investor Relations and New Products at the World Bank. […]

The field of Responsible Investing is growing at a rapid pace, and to explore all of its implications we turned to two experts. They’ll give us an overview as well as dive into some of the interesting trends and best practices from Responsible Investing in Canada. We’ll talk with Alison Schneider, the Director of Responsible […]

In this episode, Manju Seal sits down with atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe. Katharine is a well-known TED speaker, one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2014, and a respected scientist studying global warming today.  Originally from Canada, she is now a professor and the director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University.   In a wide-ranging interview, they discussed a “just transition” to a low […]

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